Conferences and events

HECSU is committed to improving the dissemination of information about higher education and graduate careers, and regularly contributes to and publicises conferences and events across the UK. We contribute to a wide variety of academic and professional conferences, including AGCAS Annual Conference and NACE's annual conference, as well as SRHE, Vitae and Westminster Briefing conferences.

Forthcoming conferences and events are listed in the table below. If you would like us to publicise an event or conference, please contact

Conference/Event Location Dates Organisation
The Teaching Excellence Framework - development and implementation post-Higher Education and Research Act London 5th December 2017 Westminster Higher Education Forum
Meeting England's higher-level skill needs - where next for Degree Apprenticeships? London 18th October 2017 Westminster Higher Education Forum
Next steps for postgraduate taught education - funding, teaching quality and student experience London 9th October 2017 Westminster Higher Education Forum

Live Chats

HECSU regularly contributes to Guardian Live Chats as a member of the expert panel. Follow the links* to read the best bits:

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