Futuretrack conference 2012 : The changing relationship between higher education and the graduate labour market: evidence from Futuretrack

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Event overview

The Futuretrack 2012 conference presented the latest findings from the longitudinal Futuretrack and Futuretrack: part-time students studies. The event was designed to generate discussion about the findings in order to consider the implications for policy and practice.

Futuretrack and Futuretrack: part-time students

Commissioned by HECSU and conducted by researchers at the universities of Warwick and Birkbeck, the 'Futuretrack' studies have been tracking how students' ideas about higher education and employment develop over the course of their university careers.The main Futuretrack study surveyed students four times over five years, while the Futuretrack: part-time students study surveyed two groups of part-time students in 2007 and then again two-three years later (when they were first surveyed in 2007, one group of students had just started their course, while the other group had just completed it). The Futuretrack: part-time study also interviewed employers to explore their attitudes towards part-time study.

Chair and Presenters

Chair: Bill Rammell, (Vice Chancellor, University of Bedfordshire)

Presenters: Professor Kate Purcell and Professor Peter Elias (Institute for Employment Research, University of Warwick), Professor Claire Callender (Bickbeck College, University of London), and David Wilkinson and Geoff Mason (NIESR)

Joining the research teams for the roundtable discussion: Carl Gilleard (CEO, AGR) and Paul Redmond (President, AGCAS)


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